Made of sturdy 1/2″ pipe, these industrial steel shelf brackets are the perfect support for rustic shelf boards at least 7″ deep. Sold in sets of 2 or 3, these are great for designing a set of custom shelving to perfectly match the dimensions you need.

-Made of sturdy, clean Industrial-style steel pipe, 1/2″ thick
-Our brackets come with mounting hardware (1.25″ screws & drywall anchors), and 3/4″ shelf screws
-Bracket dimensions approximately 7″ x 5″ x 3″
-Brackets require a shelf at least 7″deep

For items made with industrial pipe, we use only cleaned, de-greased pipes. This is done to remove any oil or grease left over from the pipe manufacturing process. After cleaning, the pipes are sealed to preserve the finish of the metal and to prevent rust. Our pipes will not stain, smear, or otherwise damage your towels, your clothes, or your home.