//Industrial Style Pipe and Wood Shelves

Industrial Style Pipe and Wood Shelves


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Handmade in our studio near Detroit, Michigan, our rustic, industrial style shelves have plenty of room for storage. Made from sturdy 1/2″ steel pipe and hand-finished wood, our Ladder shelves will mount securely to your wall and help you clean up the clutter. These shelves look great anywhere, but are especially suited for your Media Room- they can be customized fit around a Desk, Record Player, or TV.

Available in these sizes:

-A single Ladder Shelf featuring shelves approximately 20″ wide x 7.25″ deep, with a height of around 60″

-A single Ladder Shelf with an extended top shelf measuring Approximately 84″ in length. (Shown)

-Two Ladder Shelves with a connecting top shelf around 84″ in length. Perfect for framing in your TV or desk

-Handmade using sturdy 1/2″ steel pipe
-Shelves are made of select wood, hand-finished for lasting protection
-Made in our popular Blackened finish (other finishes available by request)

-Standard shelf dimensions: Approx. 60″ tall / 5 shelves, each 20″ wide & 7.25″ deep, with about 12″ between shelves.
-Dimensions may vary slightly as each unit is unique and made by hand

Includes drywall anchors and mounting screws.

This item ships Assembly Required. Not a big deal, just threading some pipes together and using a screwdriver.

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Size / Version

Ladder Shelves, Ladder w/ 84" Top Shelf, 2x Ladder Shelves w/ 84" Top Shelf


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